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04 September 2009 @ 01:56 pm
Today Nicolas Cage is in Venice...

Owwww, my bad bad timing!!! X___X
Couldn't he wait until Monday??

I'd really want to give him a punch for how he treated Yucchi back then!!! è___é

And tell him: "Who the hell do you think you are?!? Yucchi is waaaay better than you!"

And stick out my tongue and pull my eye more or less like this:

Then I could really feel better!! XD

By the way, that would be at the right time since today is Yucchi's B'day!!! Please enjoy your 27° year, and be more confident 'cause you're great! Also, kick KAT-TU's asses if they're mean to you!! XD

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02 September 2009 @ 08:13 pm
How are all of you doing?

A nice and calm evening at last!! :D
My last exams are killin' me!! Oh, well, I guess it's just because my desire of studying is zero right now, and so I have to put all my will power to keep going! If you want to know what I am studying right now, it's japanese history and the life and work of a medieval italian writer: Dante Alighieri. The latter is specifically hard to understand sometimes because of his philosophical background, but I think that's not the real problem: I'm just dead-tired and fed up!!
Anyway I'll definitely be the winner in the end!! XD I am one of those people who have plenty of will power, thank goodness!! Otherwise I really couldn't get anywhere...

The only problem is that sometimes (when I'm really tired) I would get sad and even depressed XD

Moreover, I would have reaaally many other things to do. Things like:
- clean my room, tidy up and preferably check for unused things to throw away or sell
- do more or less the same with my computer, that is a COMPLETE mess
- get info regarding what I have to do to get a university tax reduction since I've been so good during my first year :D
- (run up to my roommate to give her a massive kiss since she keeps me alive by sending me lovely text messages)
- start to pack luggages since on Monday I go back to Venice
- shop for presents
- keep more in touch with friends ("virtual" friends and friends "in the flesh")

But yesterday I met my best friend and so that's a step forward... By the way, while I was walking from my village towards the nearest city (it takes 30 minutes on foot from my home to the centre of the city) the irrigation system was on since it was hot, and so I stopped to get a better view of the scenery. Of course it wasn't the first time for me, but now I'm more aware that not everybody get to see something like that and so it was like I was watching it for the first time. I am often experiencing the fact that I see things with brand new eyes, lately.
Well, in the end I took a photo in case in the future, since I will probably live in a big city, I get homesick for the Green. 
Pics and a bit more...Collapse )
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07 July 2009 @ 09:43 pm

Hello my friends!!! I know, I know, long time no see indeed!!! I'm extremely sorry for having been dead till now! But the reason I haven't written much is that in the place where I lived in Venice there is STILL no internet connection! They had promised us we would have it by November, but in the end it became July and still no trace of it... All the students are so angry at the office!! Because we have to use internet for everything regarding our university... if we want to register for an exam or whatever, the only way we can do it is using internet... and so we had to go continuously to the university library or to internet points and so on.... that was so stressful!! The moments I was at home I had always too many things to do and I seriously thought I couldn't make it anymore with such a tight schedule...


But I managed somehow ^___^

My first year at university was, overall, satisfying and successful! Most of all I managed to live up to my parents' expectations (that were pretty high!!!) and I'm very happy about that! Of course I don't do it just for my parents, it's first of all for my own good too!!!

Talking about this, I had more than once the chance to talk with my house-mates and they seem to not understand the way my parents raised me (and are still raising me, we can say!).

My parents told me at the beginning of the year, that if the highest mark is 30, I should work hard in order to achieve at least 28. If the mark I get is lower, it would be better to retake the exam. Many students don't study in order to get top marks, they are content with 18, that is the minimum mark to pass the exam. Others aspire to better grades but there are few students aiming at the maximum. So my house-mates insisted that my parents are super-strict, but I think my parents said that to me because they want me to be successful, right? The better I am, the more likely it will be that I'll be chosen when looking for a job. Besides, I don't think my parents would really make me retake an exam if I got 27... the meaning of their message was that I should always do the best that I can, and it's a really good meaning! ^____^ So I'm really thankful to them for always supporting me and reminding me that I can do better and better! If they sets very high goals, it's because they believe in me

So, how has everybody been doing?? Please, let me know about your news. And please let me shower you with kisses once again!

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24 December 2008 @ 12:49 pm

Yes, I'm still alive!! XD I can't believe myself how much I've been busy in this last period..
How have you been doing?? I hope everything's ok!! No, more than just ok!!!

I have a wish for X-mas: finishing off my 100Q, finally!! XD So here we go with the last round!!

86. What is your favorite game?: Kingdom hearts and then all those new-generation games where you have to move (especially dance) :3

87. What was your first date? How old were you?: In my first official date I was 13 I think… but it wasn’t so exciting!! XD

88. Did/Will you attend college? For what?: Yep, I'm corrently attending my first year! I'm studing oriental languages + relative cultures: japanese and (from next year) korean.

89. What is the most memorable day?: mmmh, I don't know why but right now I am thinking of the day when my grandmother stroke my cheek (and she had to make a considerable effort to do that because she couldn't move well) and said "thank you for making me win all the games today" after I had been "cheating" all afternoon in order to lose to her XD She had noticed!! And she didn't express her feelings often, so I was really surprised!!

90. Do you have/want a tattoo? What is/would it be of?: No, never, I’m sure I would get bored of it after 10 days or maybe less!!

91. What is your favorite number to write?: Lately, 2, but I change often XD

92. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: ah, I’d like to have found a job related to Japan but most of all I wanna be married!! And I wanna spoil my husband! XD That's my dream! And then having kids of course...

93. What age do/did you expect to be married?: Actually, I’d like to marry someone by the age of 23-24, so there’s no much time left!! XD But if it wasn't the craziest thing to do, I would like to be already married!

94. What do you use as the best form of motivation?: I think about the good things I will obtain by doing what I have to do. And I think that if I work hard, I will be respected (and repaid)!!

Who, in KAT-TUN, would most be like your… (each member can only be used once)

95. Brother/sister: JinJin!! I think we are similar sometimes… expressing our bakaness around!! XD

96. Husband/wife: No doubt, Koki-kun!! I need a partner that scares other guys and beats them up!! XD—and that at the same time is kind to me… Who better than him? XD

97. Second cousin: Junno… there isn’t a particular reason… he was the last one left!! XD  shoot, I'm sorry!!

98. Pet: Tacchan, because I think that if he was an animal, he would be a semi-unknown and mysterious creature, therefore a cool pet XD

99. Best friend: Yucchi. I feel that we could get along veryt well! And a best-friend duty is:
a) to listen to your problems and kindly comfort you
b) to be promoter of a tanoshii jikan
and he seems pretty good at both!!

100. Student body president in school: Kame-chan. He’s so professional, I think he would be a super-president too!!

 Now, my second wish: shallow talk about fashion! XD


Because I haven't show you my Yucchi-like shirt yet!! XDCollapse )
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15 November 2008 @ 02:55 pm

Hello everyone!! (^__^)/
So, it's time to write many   a few things, since my life has been so hectic lately and soooo many things happened!!
I'll try to keep it as short as possible anyway!!

Feedback about the experience in YorkCollapse )
My life right nowCollapse )
Ok, that's all!! By the way, I really can't stand the new way to lj-cut!! It's just confusing...

Kisseeeeees to all my lj friends!! mmmuuuaaahhhh!! ^0^
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07 November 2008 @ 10:33 pm

Happy Birthday Koki-kun!! XD
I didn't forget about you at all!! How could I forget? You managed to change me so much I'm almost scared of you in fact!! XD You changed me and you don't even know it, and it's strange because you succeeded where my closest ones failed, and on the contrary we're not close at all!
And of course I changed for the better, so it was really important for me to celebrate the day you were born as well!
On the 5th I didn't have the chance to do it properly (I was sick too, that sucked!!) but even if I'm late, I'm happy that I did something special! So today, I dedicated myself to this "task". After watching cartoon KAT-TUN (I was looking forward for this ep because I remember well those 2 ladies from YOUtachi! ! Always making fun of TaNaka, and especially of Koki-kun! But this time they picked on poor Yucchi XD) I went shopping for ingredients and...

Cooked sweeeeets!! <3Collapse )

It's really a pity you won't be able to eat it, that means I'll put on weight in your place!! XD Oh, shoot!!!
To end this random entry, just  a recommendation: try not to worry mommy and daddy too much, ok?? XD
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06 October 2008 @ 05:06 pm
Happy belated birthday to Tat-chan!!!!! \(^__^)/
I am sorry that I'm late, and I am sorry that this post will be so short, but I can't help it! I can't go to the computer room as freely as before because there is a guy bothering me every time he finds me alone, so I go just if there's someone willing to accompany me. That's why I won't be able to post a lot of comments to your entries. I'm so sorry, and I miss u all so much!! (;___; )

Anyway, on the 4th I celebrated with a chocolate cake and a tea in a proper english tearoom! <3
It was veeery delicious!
That's all for today, I will certainly update if I get the chance!
Byeeee my friends!!! I wanna shower you with kisses! (^0^) *mmmmmuuuaaahhh*
08 September 2008 @ 06:15 pm

I'd like to spend a bit of my time talking about an emerging brand I fell in love with: tokidoki
I don't know if you've already heard about it, anyway it's becoming more and more popular all around the world!
The creator is Simone Legno and he's an italian artist who got inspired by japanese iconography...
Some days ago I bought the school diary and I wanted to translate and share the little interview I found on it. And I'd also like to show you some examples of its style.

You can learn more about tokidoki here!Collapse )

Done!! This is the official website for anyone interested: http://www.tokidoki.it/
The first page is in english, but sometimes it switches into italian XD Don't worry, in that case all you have to do is to click on the english flag at the top-right of the page!

Don't miss the video interview (it's in english), the goods (of course) and last but not least... the "fun" section! :D I love the ninja cupido game!! Also the "collaborations" and the "blog" parts are interesting!! You'll have the chance to see some stuff that there's not in the shop... but it's a joy for the eyes!!
My advice is to take a glimpse here too: http://www.asicsamerica.com/onitsukatiger/tokidoki/
There are some lovely wallpapers!!

As for me, I love this brand because it's so colorful and "kawaii" (there's no other word to describe it, seriously!) and it just brings happiness into people's life!!
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05 September 2008 @ 08:18 pm

This is me, yesterday <3Collapse )
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04 September 2008 @ 11:01 pm

Lately I've been using this icon ALOT!! XD

... I know that it's a bit late for this kind of post but here in Italy it's still 04/09, h: 23:03, so I'm in time!!
All day long my internet connection hasn't been working, and I was afraid I couldn't make my own B'day post for Yucchi! Nana Komatsu would surely say that "The Demon Lord" didn't want me to make one!!

I couldn't celebrate as well as I wanted to, I've just eaten a big double chocolate ice-cream! (I wanted at least to cook something on my own, I had also decided what: coconut cookies to eat with chocolate mousse!)
But today was a mess for me, so the only thing I can say to make up for it is that I've definitely thought ALOT about Yucchi today!

The reason why today was a mess, is that early this morning I've received the news that I've been selected for that study tour abroad. And because of this, I had to fill in tons of forms and hand in the documents to various offices!!  So yes, soon I will go on hiatus in order to get better at english!! :D But my hiatus will last 5 weeks, not 6 months!! XD I will be sent in York, England. It will be cooold in comparison with Italy!! >___<
But of course I'm super-happy!! :D So, in conclusion, I had 2 reasons to celebrate today!!

I wonder how York is...Collapse )
PS: I will update tomorrow with something for Yucchi because I really wanna do something more "material" than thinking about him XD I care!!
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